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Different Types of Guides in tourism field

Touristic Guide :-

1.Guide for Walking Tour :-
Tourist guide in Varanasi provide guides for walking tour. These guides will help you in viewing those places which cannot be covered by means of transport or the areas which is not accessible by car/taxi. For e.g.- if the guests desired to visit the Ghats of Varanasi or the local markets having narrow lanes then they have to opt for guides having complete knowledge and experience of walking tour, as the tour is something which you have to cover on foot. The guides will provide you complete information and knowledge of each and every facts and sights.

Touristic Guide

Mountain Guide :-
Those who are employed not merely to show the way but stand in the position of professional climbers with an expert knowledge of rock and snow craft, which they impart to the amateur, at the same time assuring the safety of the climbing party and also employed in mountaineering, are the Mountain guides. In the middle of the 19th century this professional class of guides arose when Alpine climbing became recognized as a sport.

Hunting Guide :-
Those who are employed to hunt wildlife, especially big game animals in the wild are known as hunting guides. In the context of the early century European hunting guides working in Africa are sometimes called white hunters.

Wilderness Guide :-
One who leads others through wilderness areas and works to ensure the safety of their clients is known as the wilderness guide.

These guides have an understanding of the ecology and history of the location where they guide and also a command of survival skills such as making shelters, navigation, fire-making and first aid. In addition to this these guides also possess other common skills like traditional handicrafts and cooking methods, hunting, fishing, bird watching and nature conservation.

Safari Guide :-
Safari guide can be a synonym of hunting guide and the guides who are employed on safari, usually for "photographic safaris" are known as Safari guides. The safari guides who are self-employed, and working on their own with their own marketing and clientele refer themselves as "professional safari guides". Mostly the Safari Guides should be qualified and be part of an Association which are typically linked to specific countries and are governed by that countries laws and policies.

Fishing Guide :-
Those who are employed to fish for example big game fishing in Sea, lakes and also rivers are known as fishing guide. In many areas of the world fishing guides have been very important.

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