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Different Types of Tourist Guides in Varanasi India

Tourist Guide for Walking Tour in Varanasi

Tourist guide in Varanasi provide guides for walking tour. These guides will help you in viewing those places which cannot be covered by means of transport or the areas which is not accessible by car/taxi. For e.g.- if the guests desired to visit the Ghats of Varanasi or the local markets having narrow lanes then they have to opt for guides having complete knowledge and experience of walking tour, as the tour is something which you have to cover on foot. The guides will provide you complete information and knowledge of each and every facts and sights.

Tourist Guide for specific sightseeing in Varanasi

We also provide guides for specific sightseeing. We provide guides to our guests for full and complete sightseeing of desired destinations but sometimes it may happen that the guests demand for specific sightseeing, under such situation we provide guide accordingly. For e.g. if someone wants to see and enjoy the Ganga Aarti of Varanasi or any specific monuments, temples, places in India etc we offer guide having expertise in that particular area to meet the demands of the guests.

Tourist Guide in Varanasi for special interest group (like making documentary/Story/Movie/school college project/ the LGBT Group)

For special interest groups. Depending upon the subject matter, interest and the purpose you can choose guide your own guide. We have guides who help the guests with necessary information needed for making a documentary, a story or a movie. In addition to this, our guides also helps the school college students in completing their projects with adequate knowledge and information. Even we have special guides for LGBT Community.

Tourist Guide for sailing tour especially on famous and holy rivers like Ganga in Varanasi

We provide guides for sailing tour. The sailing tour with an experienced guide from Allahabad to Varanasi on a sailboat is a wonderful experience. Don’t miss the opportunity of sailing tour of River Ganga and the Ghats because each and every Ghats has some significance and importance and the guide provided by us will make you aware of this. Varanasi is a place which has so many Ghats and each and every Ghat is meant for some purpose and as a layman you won’t be able to know that and that is something which our guide will help you out. He will answer to all your queries.

Theme based tour guide in Varanasi

Spiritual Guide – We offer guides for spiritual and religious purpose. These guides will help you in visiting temples and various religious spots. They will let you know the importance and significance of each and every religious and spiritual site. They will answer to all your queries as to what, why, where, how etc. If you travel on your own you won’t be able to get answers to all of your questions and also which spiritual or religious spots or places to visit you won’t be very sure of and this will completely waste your time. But booking guide from us your tour will be a worthy tour.

Tour Guide for Adventurous places in Varanasi

If the guests want an adventurous and full of fun trip then choose us. We have number of guides who are there to help you out and make your journey full of fun and adventure. They will help you in knowing about the adventurous spots and places and how to reach those spots and places and what to do there. They will also let you know the way to perform the adventurous activity; wherever tips will be needed they will provide that too. They will make aware of the safety measures also. Overall they will make you enjoy a lot without wasting a single moment of time.

Tour Guide for historical/cultural places in Varanasi

We have guides for historical and cultural tour also. They will take you to those places which have some historical and cultural importance. There are so much to see in Bodhgaya, Varanasi, Rajgir, Delhi and many more…. Each and every place has its own culture and you will find that all are not similar. The culture of one place is totally different from the culture of others. Each and every monument, buildings and other architectural structure have a history behind their origin and existence and all are dissimilar from each other. The guides provided by us will get you know about the history and the culture of every touring spot accordingly.

Tour Guide for festivals/Events in Varanasi

India is a country of festivals and events. Throughout the year various types of festivals and events are celebrated all over the country by people of each and every religion. For our guests we have guides who will help them in being part of these festivals and events. Not only this they will also tell them the motive behind the festival celebrations and also about the consequences of celebrating those festivals and the events.

Tour Guide for Rituals/pooja in Varanasi

For performing any rituals or pooja we have guides specialized in these fields. If the guests perform these things on their own then they will be cheated by the fraud purohits and the pandas and also the rituals or the pooja will not be as per their satisfaction. The guides provided by us will help you in getting everything in a planned and organized manner and that too with reasonable price.

Women special tour guide in Varanasi

For the women guests who are coming in groups or all alone to visit places like Varanasi, Badhgaya, Lucknow, Allahabad, Rajgir etc we do have women guides. Sometimes it may happen that the guests won’t feel comfortable with men guide and demand for women guide then for that kind of guests especially the women guests we have experienced and knowledgeable women guides too.

Medical tourism tour guide in Varanasi

We also provide guides for the guests who have come to visit Varanasi, Delhi or any other places in India for their medical treatment. These guides will do everything thing for you. What the guests have to do is to just reach the concerned destination where they have to go for the treatment rest of the things the guides will do. From booking the best hospital as per guests budget and choice to the appointments with the best doctor and to the best treatments and many more is the total responsibility of the guide only. The patients don’t have to worry. They have to just plan their trip and select the guide from Tourist Guide in Varanasi.

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