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FAQs For Customers

+Q. Why should I book a private tour guide?
+Q. How do I find a private tour guide?

Step 1: Search
Under "Search for a tour guide" found on the homepage you can choose to use the simple search by using the country and city drop down option.

By selecting a city and entering your travel date you can opt for a more advanced search where you can be specific on your needs.

Step 2: Find
You can sort the order and find a tour guide according to their ratings, number of tours booked or certification in the search results.

Step 3: Contact
Through the onsite messaging system send a message to the tour guides with any questions and check their availability. To record your messages in case you need our help using the onsite message system is a recommended way.

+Q. Can I contact the tour guide with my questions?

Ans. Yes you can do so. Click on "Email tour guide with questions" button found on the tour guide's profile page and listing page to submit your question. You can enter in your message to the tour guide on the next page that appears.

We request all communications prior to booking to be made via our on-site message system so as to ensure that both parties are protected, provide you with utmost customer service and adhere to our Terms & Conditions

+Q. Can I call and email the tour guide directly?

Ans. We request all communications prior to booking to be made via our on-site message system so as to ensure that both parties are protected, provide you with utmost customer service and adhere to our Terms & Conditions. For the privacy and safety of both our tour guides and our traveling customers, all contact information (including address, phone number and email) is released after the confirmation of the booking. Prior to booking, you can contact the tour guide by clicking "Email tour guide with questions" button which can be found on both the profile pages and listing pages.

+Q. To book or contact a private tour guide must I register?

Ans. No it is not required and it is free!

+Q. Why It is better to register to e-mail and/or book a private tour guide?

Ans. We require users to register to ensure that the guides receive serious inquiries from real people. Vast majority of the local private tour guides details are publicly available for your ease of use if you do not wish to register yet. Basic registration is free, easy and only takes a minute of your time before planning your unforgettable tour!

Steps to book a guide:
It is suggested to contact the tour guide to discuss his/her services, your interests and their availability prior to booking.

Step 1: Click "Book this tour guide!"
As per your travel style and interests once you have found the private guide, click on the button "Book this tour guide!" found on the guide's profile page.

Step 2: Enter and confirm tour details
Including date, time and duration enter your tour details.

Step 3: Enter and confirm deposit payment
You will be requested to enter in your login details after clicking on "Confirm tour details", or for first-time users, quickly sign up in order to further confirm your payment. Select your preferred method of payment to complete the payment process, enter all mandatory fields and confirm your agreement to our Terms & Conditions.

You and the tour guide will receive a confirmation notice of the booking once the payment has been processed.

+Q. Can you check availability for me?

Ans. Availability and rates are already uploaded by the private tour guides, which are available from their profile pages. Click on the "Book this tour guide" button to view the availability of each private tour guide and the very next page will display their availability calendar. This feature is still in progress.

+Q. Can I pay in other currencies?

Ans.Guiding services rates and currency are uploaded by our private tour guides on their own that they wish to accept the payment in.

If both parties agree on the rate and currency the client can pay the private tour guide in a local currency on the day of the private tour (read more on Terms & Conditions)

+Q. Why should I submit my payment through your system?

Ans. As against handling the transaction on your own our online payment system is more secure. To ensure that both the parties are protected from fraud and illicit behaviors we invest a lot and also work hard. To process all credit card transactions we use the internationally recognized and secure system. From the tour guide's availability calendar also paying your deposit will block out your booking date(s) and time(s). Full confirmation details will be sent to you once the private tour guide is considered booked for your trip.

From outside the site please do not send payment directly to the private guide as this is against our Terms & Conditions, and prevents us from protecting your tour guide booking and payment. Customer support will be provided only to those bookings which are made through our system. Those who are non-compliant users there

accounts may be suspended or removed.

+Q. Can I give the guide my credit card details?

Ans. Over the internet, or electronic storage the transmission of your bank details or/and any other sensitive information is never 100% secure. Do not send out such personal information through the site since we cannot guarantee the absolute security of our online messaging system.

For security purposes payments should be submitted through our online payment system. To ensure that both the parties are protected from fraud and illicit behaviors we invest a lot and also work hard. To process all credit card transactions we use the internationally recognized and secure system.

+Q. Is there a booking fee?

Ans. It is 100% free! The booking service is free to all booking a private tour guide

+Q. Is the deposit refundable?

Ans. In the following situations the deposit is refundable if:

  • the tour guide rejects your booking
  • the tour guide fails to show up for your arranged tour

+Q. I have booked a guide, and paid the deposit, but when do I pay the remaining amount due?

Ans. The remaining balance is payable only on the day of meeting, directly to your guide and that too in cash. The legal amount due to the tour guide is the amount outlined on the booking confirmation notice (emailed to you).

The due amount may also be received by the tour guide in their local currency at the bank rate on the day. To the rate and currency both parties must agree otherwise the default is the amount and currency stated on the booking confirmation notice.

+Q. Can I pay the remaining amount due in the local currency?

Ans. If all parties agree the tour guide has an option to receive the due cash payment in the local currency rate on the day of the tour. Otherwise the legal amount due will be the currency and amount outlined on the booking confirmation notice.

+Q. What payment methods are available for booking a guide?

Ans. All major credit cards and PayPal are accepted.

+Q. My credit card is not being accepted, what should I do?

Ans. Why your credit card transaction will not go through there may be some reasons for that as our credit/debit card bookings are secure and processed through PayPal. Please try your transaction again after checking the following:

  • may not have filled out all the information fields requested
  • Insufficient funds to cover the transaction being booked

Please copy the error message and paste it into your message on the contact us page if you continue to experience difficulties.

+Q. Can I cancel or amend a booking as the booking client?

Ans. Please contact to cancel the booking

Please note the following:

1. Please do make the cancellations more than 48 hours before the commencement of the tour. Please keep in mind that when you do not honor the booking, you are penalizing the guide as the guide has accepted your booking and turned down other opportunities. As a common courtesy, we ask that you cancel with as much notice as possible to guides

2. The deposit paid is non-refundable in the event of cancellation by the customer

3. After the booking has been confirmed, to amend the booking (e.g. change the date or time), the tour guide can agree with you on a new time and date.

+Q. What if the local private tour guide cancels a booking?

Ans. In the event of cancellation by the guide your deposit is 100% refundable.

The deposit is also 100% refundable and you can review the guide accordingly if the guide fails to appear on the date, time and venue outlined on your confirmation.

The guide can agree on a new time and date after the booking has been confirmed if the booking customer wishes to accept a new time/date. Surety - 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

+Q. Can you please resend my booking confirmation details?

Ans. Yes. What you have to do is via the contact us page please send us a message and include your full name (per your registration), any information you remember (i.e. tour guide name, city of the arranged tour etc.).

+Q. Do I need to reconfirm my booking before arrival?

Ans. Though it’s not mandatory and not a requirement but we suggest you to contact your private tour guide before your travels to confirm date, time, meeting place and any other details that you feel may be pertinent to your meeting.

+Q. How do I log in to the site?

Ans.Press the link "login” on each page in the top right hand corner. What nest you have to do is to simply enter your E-mail address and password.

+Q. In the city field, I cannot find my home city?

Ans. Just drop a mail to . Someone from team will help you to book the guide.

+Q. I cannot remember my password, what should I do?

Ans. By entering your E-mail address at anytime you can reset/change your password, by leaving the password field blank and then clicking on "Get New Password".

Soon after you will receive a new temporary password. After this you have to sign into your account using your email address and this new temporary password, you will be asked to enter your own chosen password. For confirmation purposes you will be asked to enter this new password (that you have chosen) twice.

+Q. Can I change my E-mail address for login?

Ans. Just drop a mail to .

+Q. Is there another way to book than online?

Ans. Tourist Guide in Varanasi is a complete online booking service and via email to support all of your booking questions we offer 24-hour, 7 days a week customer service. Our Customer Service guarantees a turn around and response within 48 hours.

+Q. I don't have or own a credit card, how do I book?

Ans.You can transfer the amount to below company account or work with team to get guide facility with 0% advance and total amount can be made once reach the destination.

A/C Detail-
Name - Holy Voyages
Bank Name- Axis Bank, Vaishali, Ghaziabad (Delhi-NCR)
A/c- 911020064858994
IFSC code- UTIB0000715
MICR Code 110211061
Account name: Holy Voyages
Account No. : 50200005816421
Branch : Maqbool Alam Road,Varanasi
IFSC code : HDFC0002028
Account Type - Current
Swift Code No:- HDFC INBB
PAN Card - AAHFH7913C

Note :-Tourist Guide in Varanasi is a legal unit of Holy Voyages

+Q. I keep getting a credit card error whilst trying to book, what do I do?

Ans. All credit card transactions are 100% secure as our booking process is completely automated. If a consistent error is generated by your credit card, verify that your card has not expired. To confirm your monthly spending limit has not been exceeded you may also contact the card issuer.

Please contact us for further assistance @

Or you can opt for on line money transfer at account mention in above thread.

+Q. Why is the amount charged for my booking different to my credit card statement?

Ans.This is because of the fluctuation in the exchange rates so please allow for currency exchange rate fluctuations. Please contact us if you believe there has been an error in the billed amount for your booking.

+Q. I'm not sure if my booking was processed, how can I find out if it was processed?

Ans. To know whether your booking has been confirmed or not please contact us with your booking details (including your full name, tour guide name, date and destination). We will see to it whether we have received your booking request successfully and will be in contact with you via email.