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Local Tourist Guide for Temple tour in Varanasi

Varanasi is world famous as a temple town. Temples of Varanasi are existing from centuries and revered deeply in Hindu community in India. It is so godly that every temple believes to eliminate sins of human being and lead to bliss.

Here every ghat, every lane, even stairs leading to River Ganges is dedicated to some Hindu God.

So, when a person unknown to the city visits the city it become necessary for him/her to hire a tourist guide in Varanasi for temple tourto miss not any temple from being seen.

Why to hire tourist guide for temple tour in Varanasi?

  • Varanasi has 85 Ghats in Varanasi each having many temples, traditions associated with them and rituals.
  • Varanasi has nearly 1000 temples existing from ancient times dedicated to several Gods of Hindu Pantheon.
  • Several temples have their own rules and classic codes that only a local tour guide can explain before visiting the temple.
  • Temple follow evening and morning worship traditions along with special rituals on festivals. So, only a local tour guide in Varanasi can tell you which temple is going to see which ritualat whattimeand what shouldbe followed for that.
  • Rituals while visiting Varanasi are mostly explained in Hindi or Sanskrit which only a bilingual tour guidecan convey you in your own language.
  • Temples of Varanasi offer meditation, sermons and spiritual recourses which could be attend only at certain time and local guide will assist you in getting to that.

Tourist guide in Varanasi will offer you tourist guide for Temple tour in Varanasi in minimum cost in tour industry in following languages.

Tourist guide in Varanasi will offer you tourist guide for Temple tour in Varanasi in minimum cost in tour industry in following languages.

So, log on to our website and hire a bilingual or multilingual tourist guide for temple tour in Varanasi and make your Varanasi Temple tour an ever-lasting memory.

List of TLocal Tourist Guide for Temple tour in Varanasi

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1 Santosh Kumar Singh 9935028452 ,
2 Om Prakash Kushwaha
3 Ajay Kumar Srivastava
4 Amar Nath Rai
5 Ajay Kumar Yadav
7 Akhilesh Kumar
9 Anup Kumar, anupkumar009
10 Awdhesh Singh
11 Ajit Kumar Yadav
12 Amit Singh Kushwaha
13 Ashok Kumar Shahu
14 Brijesh Kumar Gupta
15 Devesh Kumar Agarwal
16 Dhananjay Singh
17 dhananjay Singh
18 Dharmendra Kumar Singh
19 Dinesh Tiwari
20 Ganesh Verma
21 Jai Prakash Mishra
22 Jaideep Srivastava
23 Jainendra Kumar Rai
24 Manoj Kumar Maurya
25 Pawan Kumar Mishra
26 Pradeep Kumar Verma
27 Rajendra Kumar Pandey
28 Rajnish Gupta
29 Ram Nihal Singh
30 Sharad Kumar Upadhyay , skuupt@yo.comaho
31 Shashank Shekhar Basu
32 Sushil Kr. Mishra
33 Vishal Yadav
34 Abhishek Srivastava
35 Akshay Agrawal
36 Alok Pandey
37 Amod Kumar Rai
38 Anash Ahmad
39 Anil Kumar Singh
40 Anil Shankar chatterjee
41 Anita Devi
42 Ankit Srivastava
43 Anuj Singh
44 Anup Seth
45 Arun Kr. Sharma
46 Arun Kumar
47 Ashish Ku. Singh Patel
48 Ashok Kumar Verma
49 Ashwani Kapoor
50 Ashweeni Kumar
51 Atanu Banarjee
52 Avinash Kumar Gupta
53 Banarasi Singh
54 Bishram Singh
55 Chanchal Maurya
56 Daya Nidhi Tiwari
57 Devendra Kumar Mishra
58 Dharam Rajpal
59 Dharmaraj Prasad
60 Dharmendra Tiwari , dkumartiwari09@yahoo
61 Dharmesh Kr. Srivastava
62 Dil Bahadur Thapa
63 Dileep Kumar Pandey
64 Dinesh Kumar Rai
65 Dr. Poulasti KUmar Patel
66 Dr.Anil Kumar Chaturvedi
67 Hanumat Prasad Pandey
68 Hemant Kumar Srivastava
69 Indrajeet Kumar
70 Kameshwar Singh
71 Kaushlesh Kumar Singh
72 Keshav Tiwari
73 Krishna Chandra Misra
74 Kunal Rakshit
75 Madan Kushwaha
76 Madhav Singh
77 Mahendra Prasad Sharma
78 Mohan Singh Patel
79 Mrs. Bina Mishra
80 Ms. Jayanti Chatterjee
81 Mukul Ranjan Srivastava
82 Mukund Lal
83 Munindra Tripathi
84 Murari Lal Singh
85 Nagendra Upadhyay
86 Naveen Rai
87 Nayar Amar Chaudhary
88 Neelesh Sinha
89 Om Hari Singh
90 Pankaj Kumar Singh
91 Prakash Dwivedi
92 Pramod Kumar Srivastava
93 Prem Narain Singh
94 Prem Prakash Srivastav
95 Prince
96 Pulkit Gupta
97 R.N. Singh
98 Rahul Kumar
99 Rajeev Ranjan Pandey
100 Rajendra Kumar
101 Rajesh Kumar Gupta
102 Rajesh Kumar Misra
103 Rajesh Singh (Raju)
104 Rakesh Upadhyay
105 Ranjeet Kumar Gupta
106 Ranjeet Kumar Pandey
107 S.K. Rai
108 S.M.H.M.Rizvi.
109 Salman Khan
110 Sambhu Tiwari
111 Sanjay Gupta
112 Sapan Kumar
113 Saurabh Shukla
114 Shailendra Srivastava
115 Shailesh Tripathy
116 Shakeel Ahmed
117 Shiv Kumar Sharma
118 Shoaib Ahmed
119 Shobhit Parikh
120 Subhash Prasad
121 Sudhir Kumar Srivastava
122 Sumit Kr. Gupta
123 Umesh Chandra Tripathi 0542-2508747B 2/246 Bhaidini, Varanasi
124 Varun Kumar Agarwal
125 Vijay Jaiswal
126 Vikash Chandra Singh
127 Vimal kumar pathak
128 Vinay Kumar Gupta
129 Vinay Kumar Gupta
130 Vinay Yadav
131 Vinit Kumar Pandey
132 Vinod Chandra Bhardwaj 0542-2508747
133 Vinod Kr. Giri
134 Vinod Kumar
135 Vishal Malhotra