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Local Tourist guide for Bodhgaya in Bihar, India

India is cradle of most revered religion of world Buddhism. Bodhgaya Tour has evolved around rich Buddhist Heritage in Bodhgaya, the place of enlightenment of Lord Buddha. For centuries visitors and followers across world have come here. Millions of tourists, Buddhist monks and nuns arrive in India for indoctrination, Buddhist Rituals and pilgrimage to Bodhgaya.

Since, most of the Buddhist travelers and pilgrims are unaware of Indian traditions and practices it becomes important for them to have a Tourist Guide for Bodhgaya.

Tourist Guide in Varanasi offers exclusive Tourist Guide services in India for Bodhgaya Tour

Hiring a Tourist Guide in India for Bodhgaya Tour is beneficial because:
  • Tourist Guide for Bodhgaya Tour will provide you detailed information for Bodhgaya Tour places Mahabodhi Temple, 2000 year old Mahabodhi Tree, monasteries in Bodhgaya, Chinese, Japanese and Thai temples in Bodhgaya and much more
  • Tourist Guide will lead you to the destinations unknown for you in Bodhgaya
  • They have passion for Buddhist religion, values and learning.
  • They have passion for inter-cultural exchanges between India and Buddhism majority countries.
  • Best cost for Tourist Guide for Bodhgaya Tour tour in India.

We offer services of following Tourist Guides for Bodhgaya Tour tour in India:

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List of Local Tourist guide for Bodhgaya in Bihar, India

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1 Santosh Kumar Singh 9935028452 ,
2 Om Prakash Kushwaha
3 Amar Nath Rai
4 Ajay Kumar Yadav
6 Akhilesh Kumar
8 Awdhesh Singh
9 Ajit Kumar Yadav
10 Ashok Kumar Shahu
11 Devesh Kumar Agarwal
12 Dhananjay Singh
13 dhananjay Singh
14 Dinesh Tiwari
15 Jai Prakash Mishra
16 Jaideep Srivastava
17 Jainendra Kumar Rai
18 Manoj Kumar Maurya
19 Pavan srivastsva
20 Pradeep Kumar Verma
21 Rajendra Kumar Pandey
22 Shashank Shekhar Basu
23 Sunita Sukla
24 Vinay jayswal
25 Vishal Yadav
26 Amod Kumar Rai
27 Anil Kumar Singh
28 Anita Devi
30 Ashok Kumar Verma
31 Ashok Ranjan Srivastava
32 Ashwani Kapoor
33 Ashweeni Kumar
34 Atanu Banarjee
35 Avinash Kumar Gupta
36 Daya Nidhi Tiwari
37 Dharam Rajpal
38 Dharmendra Tiwari , dkumartiwari09@yahoo
39 Dinesh Kumar Rai
40 Dr. Poulasti KUmar Patel
41 Govind Nishad
42 Hanumat Prasad Pandey
43 Indrajeet Kumar
44 Kameshwar Singh
45 Kaushlesh Kumar Singh
46 Keshav Tiwari
47 Krishna Chandra Misra
48 Kunal Rakshit
49 Madan Kushwaha
50 Mrs. Bina Mishra
51 Ms. Jayanti Chatterjee
52 Mukul Ranjan Srivastava
53 Munindra Tripathi
54 Naveen Rai
55 Nayar Amar Chaudhary
56 Neelesh Sinha
57 Prakash Dwivedi
58 Pramod Kumar Srivastava
59 Prem Narain Singh
60 Prem Prakash Srivastav
61 Prince
62 Pulkit Gupta
63 R.N. Singh
64 Rajeev Ranjan Pandey
65 Rajesh Kumar Gupta
66 Ranjeet Kumar Gupta
67 S.K. Rai
68 S.M.H.M.Rizvi.
69 Sambhu Tiwari
70 Saurabh Shukla
71 Shailesh Tripathy
72 Shakeel Ahmed
73 Shiv Kumar Sharma
74 Shobhit Parikh
75 Varun Kumar Agarwal
76 Vijay Jaiswal
77 Vikash Chandra Singh
78 Vimal kumar pathak
79 Vinod Chandra Bhardwaj 0542-2508747
80 Virendra Dutt Sharma