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Local tourist guide for shopping in Varanasi, India

Varanasi has numerous shopping options from silk to gold, wood carvings, books, scriptures, brassware, pottery, crockery and much more. The extent is such that every lane of Varanasi is known for its exclusive production of items trades across world.

As famous is the shopping in Varanasi so notorious are the thugs of Varanasi. In city you can find abundant counterfeiting, fraudulence and cheating in the name of originality.

So, if you are unknown to the city and want to shop some exclusive Benarasi items you must hire a tourist guide for shopping.

Why to hire tourist guide for shopping in Varanasi?
  • A tourist guide knows well-known local production centres of Varanasi.
  • A tourist guide would help you come out of the narrow and crowded lanes of Varanasi when you are running out of time
  • A tourist guide for shopping is generally a local guide who knows well the authenticity of the products so he can help you be safe from any cheating especially silk shopping.
  • We hire best cost tourist guides for shopping in Varanasi

Tourist Guide in Varanasi, the leading tourist service provider of Varanasi hires tourist guides for shopping in Varanasi fluent in following languages.

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List of Local tourist guide for shopping in Varanasi, India

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9 Sunita Sukla
10 Chanchal Maurya
11 Dharam Rajpal
12 Sanjay Gupta
13 Saurabh Shukla
14 Subhash Prasad
15 Varun Kumar Agarwal