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Why Tourist Guide

Should we hire the services of a guide or take guided tours?
There is no straight forward answer to this question. It really depends on the kind of traveller you are and if you are travelling alone/as a group of two or a family. A combination of factors, your personal preferences will decide if you want to or do want the services of guides or guided tours.

We recommend hiring guides when -
  • If you are travelling as a bigger group, especially with a family with a varied age group
  • If you belong to a slightly older age group and are not experienced travellers. Especially, not experienced travel in India or Asia before.
  • As a personal preference if you like engaging with the services of a guide and the conversations through the day.

We think it is alright to not hire guides when -

The guide should be sensitive enough to realize when someone’s feel hurt. A tour guide can be as social, expressive and funny as Robin Williams or as knowledgeable as a professor but neither talent will make for a great experience. Before their own agenda a good guide is one who always tries to think about the needs of the people he/she is hosting.

  • If you are young and travelling on a strict budget
  • If you are experienced travellers and usually tend to like exploring places independently

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